Sarah Stokes

Registered Nurse/Midwife

Sarah is a Registered Nurse, PRIME Trained as well as a Midwife, working both privately and at the Hospital. Sarah is married to Mathew and they have two grown up children.

Bridget Pears

Registered Nurse

Bridget joined our Medical Centre in 2002. She is PRIME Trained and an Authorised Vaccinator as well as an Accredited Smear Taker.

June Wright

Registered Nurse

June joined Lumsden Medical Centre in 2007. June is our Diabetes Nurse who also works part time for Diabetes NZ. She is an Authorised Vaccinator and previously was a District Nurse as well as a Volunteer Ambulance Officer.

Nick Duthie

Registered Nurse

Nick joined Lumsden Medical Centre in 2004. Nick loves all aspects of nursing with a particular interest in wound care. She is PRIME Trained, an Authorised Vaccinator and also works part time in Lumsden as one of the District Nurses.

Ally Douglas

Registered Nurse

Ally joined Lumsden Medical Centre in 2012. She is an Accredited Smear Taker as well as anAuthorised Vaccinator. Ally is from Wales and trained here in NZ as a Nurse.