Quick fees calculator – enrolled patients

Fees calculator
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No charge (enrolled patients)
$19.50 (enrolled patients)
$44.00 (enrolled patients)

All of our fees are for each GP consultation, regardless of if it is a follow up appointment for a recurring issue, or to discuss test results.

If you are unable to pay your account on the day of your appointment, please talk to our administrator about alternative payment arrangements. Automatic payment options are available.

These are indicative fees for standard consultations up to 15 minutes. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for longer consultations or additional services/materials during a consultation. Our policy is one person per appointment.

If you do not attend your appointment and do not notify us that you are not attending, a fee will be charged.

A casual patient is registered or enrolled at another Medical Practice and is outside their area and unable to visit their usual doctor. Casual patients must pay before they see the nurse or doctor.

Fees for Minor Operations/Procedures are guidelines only and may be changed depending upon the complexity of the procedure.

List of fees – enrolled patients

Under 6 yearsNo chargeNo charge
6-13 yearsNo chargeNo charge
14-17 years$48.00$19.50
18-24 years$48.00$19.50
25-44 years$48.00$19.50
45-64 years$48.00$19.50
65 years & over$48.00$19.50
ACC Surcharge = $34.50
* Please note a disbursement fee of $6.00 will be added to all invoices to cover the increased unseen costs of running our Medical Centre which are not covered by the Ministry of Health

Fee disclaimer

These fees apply to enrolled patients. Listed fees are for a standard appointment for both Community Services Card (CSC) patients and non CSC patients. Standard appointments occur during practice working hours. Charges may be different for casual patients. Check the fees when booking your appointment.